In the Beginning…

The Exile from Young Exec to Captain’s (House)wife

Moving from “the big city” to a little “city” was never our plan, but sometimes the best laid plans of captains and women gang aft a-gley. Or, in modern parlance, shit happens.

Last March my fiance wound up with a new job that took him away from the city. For awhile we tried to avoid moving there, but eventually realized it was the best overall option. I gave up my burgeoning advertising career (okay just the job) and temporarily took on a new role: small town housewife. Working for one of the big telecoms certainly had its moments, but it would take me years and years (and years) to reach the amount my future husband makes now as a captain. I’m not sure what that speaks to, the lack of captains or the overabundance of wannabe advertising sales reps. Probably both. Certainly one of these jobs requires a lot of work to even get into, and it isn’t mine. Either way it meant that we were better off moving. If it had been the reverse, he would have happily been the one to stay home in an instant. But that was not to be.

I’d like to just appreciate the time at home to put our little place together and settle in before I look for work, but I often feel the need to over-justify it. I think growing up with a “I don’t need no man to take care of me” mentality still can’t quite reconcile that I’m (even temporarily) a stay at home wife (to be.)

(For simplicity’s sake and “phrasing sound” I said captain’s wife but technically it’s a…hopefully (ha)…prophetic title as we are not yet wed. The planning is in the works and the date is set for the end of this year.)

I may go into more details at another date, but suffice to say that we found an adorable little flat about 20 minutes from The Captain’s work (henceforth, he shall be referred to this way). This house also has a seafaring history, in that it was originally owned by a Canadian shipbuilder – not that the house ever spent time on the high seas. It’s 150 years old, built in 1865, and we have an upper flat in this, thankfully renovated, house. There’s lots of exposed brick, crown moulding, and fireplaces. It’s a great little spot to be a stay-at-home anything, particularly as one half of a young, childless couple. So we’re happy where we’re living and adjusting to the change of pace. In the city I worked long hours that often didn’t coincide with The Captain’s, but here we’re able to get reacquainted. Still, we both grew up in the city and going from six million people to a hundred thousand is…different. Working all the time to not working at all is also…different.

The flat is our new little kingdom, our Isle of Exile, and this blog is my “well if I’m not working I might as well start a blog” blog. Welcome!


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